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Coaching in Times of Loss and Grief Workshop with Dee Bailey, MA, CPCC- 7 sessions - new sessions start in February 2011

Grief is not something to avoid or get over; it’s the cathartic process that brings healing after loss. By simply understanding the basics of grief and learning some practical strategies, coaches can better support their clients’ healing process and deepen the coaching relationship. Find Out More


If you are at all interested in creating your own book, product, signature program or pursuing any type of creative project to move your business forward, you want to know about my friend and colleague Marcy Nelson-Garrison. Not only does she know a ton about creating products, she has developed an exciting new approach that makes it both fun and deeply spiritual. She is a big proponent of whole-brain creating; deeply honoring the gifts of the feminine while holding the delicate balance with the more linear gifts of the masculine. She has a group program coming up soon that you might want to know about.


UnBoxed Brain - Free Monthly TeleSeminar Series with Marcy Nelson-Garrison, MA, CPCC and  Find Out More


Intuitive Counseling Sessions:
 Do you feel like you have fallen off your path, are stuck in life, not sure where to go next? An intuitive session can assist you in finding your way with a snap shot of where you are and where your going next. Sometimes its just the validation we need to move forward and feel a little support in our journey. I would love to share with you the energy I feel around you in life and in your environment, and how you can fully step into the power that we all know you have inside yourself.
On line Intuitive Sessions: $45 ( 3 to 4 questions and a one page report)
On line Intuitive Sessions: $75  (for a more extensive reading- up to 8 questions)

(Simply E-mail me questions and I will respond within 7 days with the information I receive from spirit)

We Understand – We've Been There – We Want To Hear You
Eating Disorders Tele-Classes

Click here for more info.


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